Barbering Course

The Barbering Course Curriculum

The following listed curriculum subjects include theory, anatomy, physiology, preparation, skill procedures, practices, products, material, implements, client consultation, record keeping and safety.

The training is intended to prepare the student for the State of Washington Board Examinations and entry-level employment in Barbering or a related profession.

  • Theory of the practice of barbering services and business practices
  • Shampooing: including draping, brushing, scalp manipulations, conditioning and rinsing
  • Scalp and hair analysis
  • Hair cutting and trimming including scissors, razor, thinning shears and clippers
  • Cutting and trimming of facial hair including shaving, beard and mustache design and eyebrow, ear and nose hair trimming
  • Artificial hair
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting of individual work stations, individual equipment and tools and proper use and storage of linens
  • Diseases and disorders of the skin, scalp and hair
  • Safety, including proper use of implements and electrical appliances
  • First aid as it relates to barbering
  • 1000 Clock hours must be completed by the student